Quebec MP Anthony Housefather remains undecided on his future more than a week after a House of Commons motion on Israel and Gaza left him questioning whether he will remain in the Liberal party.

And Prime Minister Minister Justin Trudeau isn’t saying if he has even been talking to Mr. Housefather to try and keep him in the fold.

Mr. Trudeau dodged the question on March 28, saying only that he has spoken to Mr. Housefather many times over the years and that he is proud to head a caucus where multiple viewpoints are heard and reflected.

Mr. Housefather is a lifelong Liberal and has been the party’s MP for Mount Royal since 2015.

But on March 19 he said he was “reflecting” on his future a day after the a majority of Liberals supported an NDP motion on Gaza after negotiating heavy amendments.

Mr. Housefather said the last-minute amendments without consultation were not the right way to go and that he was hurt that some members of his party appeared to applaud the NDP for a motion he felt was anti-Israel.

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