The British Columbia Construction Association (BCCA) is offering double the funds to construction companies if they hire apprentices who self-identify as being part of an “equity deserving group.” The program is funded by the federal government.
BCCA’s Apprenticeship Service project pays companies $5,000 for every first-year apprentice they register in one of 39 Red Seal trades, according to a BCCA news release. The organization then offers double the funds, or $10,000, for every first-year apprentice registered who “self-identifies” as a woman, indigenous, disabled, or from the LGBT community.
“Continuing to improve diversity within BC’s construction industry remains a critical goal of this project,” says the release.
“An additional $5,000 is issued if the apprentice self identifies as part of an equity deserving group, as part of an effort to redress underrepresentation in the trades.”

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