Those of us who knew from the beginning that the sequence of CoV-SARS-2 contained inserts which could not have possibly occurred naturally, and were similar to ones that had already been published from the Wuhan laboratory, have had to endure unbelievable scorn, scientific ostracism, and the ignominy of being “cancelled” by the mainstream media (MSM) as well as by professional colleagues for nearly three years now.
In the summer of 2020, a paper I co-authored, describing the findings of an Anglo-Norwegian team of scientists who had demonstrated unique “fingerprints” of laboratory manipulation in the COVID-19 virus, was suppressed in both the United States and UK. This was at the time that the World Health Organization, leading science journals, and others were going to huge lengths to persuade us that COVID was a natural occurrence, and that we should spend a lot more money to fight any such future threats.
Only now does the Telegraph (uncritically) report that the U.S. government is no longer going to fund the research it denied doing for nearly three years and the MSM sat on. Yet it has been an open secret for anyone who follows primary sources of information (the ones ignored by the MSM and the BBC specifically, reported as misinformation by the British Office of Communications and targeted by the Orwellian Counter-Disinformation Cell of the UK government) that mRNA vaccines did not do what it says on the vial, as it were.

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