Parkie Li and his wife, Angel, decided to make their honeymoon trip across Canada a meaningful display of solidarity with democracy in Hong Kong. By showcasing a replica of the Lady Liberty Statue of Hong Kong, the two Canadians wanted to send a message of hope to Hongkongers who were forced to flee their home for Canada.

The couple set out from Vancouver in late February, and travelled through Calgary, Regina, Montreal, Halifax, and Ottawa, with many stops along the way, finally arriving in Toronto three months later on May 13.

The Lady Liberty Statue was first created by democracy advocates during the 2019–2020 Hong Kong anti-extradition protests, and they shared their design with Li. The symbol of solidarity has been exhibited in a number of countries to raise awareness of the situation Hong Kong.

During their “journey of hope,” the couple said they aimed to connect with local Hong Kong communities and those who were forced to flee their homes after the Chinese regime clamped down on the autonomy of the former British colony.

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