Will President Joe Biden visit Israel? We have more on the ongoing discussions at the White House, and the latest in the U.S. response to the war now intensifying in the Middle East.
A judge imposes a gag order on former President Donald Trump in a federal elections case. What’s at stake, and what is left for him to comment on?
Will the House elect a speaker this week? Some Republicans who opposed Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) are now supporting him, but is it enough to secure the gavel? And what concerns are still in the air?
President Trump is now under gag order in his election interference case. What happens if he doesn’t comply? A former DOD chief of staff and terrorism prosecutor joins us to discuss President Trump’s legal battle, as well as the Israel–Hamas conflict.
U.S. college campuses are becoming a flashpoint of the Israel–Hamas conflict. An expert joins us to discuss the universities’ responses to the war.

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