Various celebrities have come out in defense of author JK Rowling after it was speculated that she could be arrested after a new hate-crime law was introduced in Scotland.

Before authoring any of the Harry Potter novels that would eventually establish her as a household name and make her one of the wealthiest people in the United Kingdom, English-born Rowling moved to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, in the 1990s.
Taking to X, formerly Twitter, Rowling doubled down on her position in a series of posts on Monday.
Below is excerpt from extra link;
“In passing the Scottish Hate Crime Act, Scottish lawmakers seem to have placed higher value on the feelings of men performing their idea of femaleness, however misogynistically or opportunistically, than on the rights and freedoms of actual women and girls,” she wrote.

“The new legislation is wide open to abuse by activists who wish to silence those of us speaking out about the dangers of eliminating women’s and girls’ single-sex spaces, the nonsense made of crime data if violent and sexual assaults committed by men are recorded as female crimes, the grotesque unfairness of allowing males to compete in female sports, the injustice of women’s jobs, [honors] and opportunities being taken by trans-identified men, and the reality and immutability of biological sex.”

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