Nail thickness, color and shape may be indicative of health issues.

Did you know that your nails can reveal a lot about your health? Visual cues from your nails may be able to signal vitamin deficiencies or illness — and, in serious cases, even melanoma or heart issues.

Nail technicians aren’t able to diagnose conditions, but they can help you spot changes in your nails.

“We are primarily focused on nail care, so if we notice something unusual, we might suggest that the client consult a health care professional for proper evaluation,” said Silva Nahabedian, a director of education at Dazzle Dry. “Health concerns should always be addressed by a qualified medical expert,” she added.

“When your body is sick internally, [sometimes] your nails are the first to show signs,” said Marcela Correa, a licensed medical pedicurist who owns Medi Pedi NYC.

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