TikTokers claim that this “hack” is their secret to achieving flawless, dewy skin. But how accurate are these claims?

The humble sardine has been derided for years, and quite unfairly so. While cracking open a tin of the tiny, oily fish might leave something to be desired from a culinary aesthetics perspective, sardines pack a giant nutritional punch.

“Just one 4-ounce serving of sardines is low in calories, high in protein, and has little to no carbohydrates,” said Amanda Nighbert, a Kentucky-based registered dietitian. “One serving provides you with an abundance of omega-3 fatty acids, 30-70% of your daily vitamin D needs, up to 130% of your B12 needs, and 70-90% of your daily selenium needs.”

This impressive nutritional profile is why sardines have become the newest addition to many skin care routines across TikTok. A number of creators claim that by eating sardines regularly, they’re able to achieve the ever-so-coveted “glass skin” — skin that is so clear, dewy and flawless that it appears as smooth as glass.

But can eating sardines actually give us glass skin? Or are the claims of this “hack” purely anecdotal? We spoke to nutrition and skin experts to find out.

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