A State Department official, Sylvia Yacoub, not only has accused the Biden Administration of “spreading misinformation”, but also of being “complicit in genocide”. Her 5-page memo was signed by 100 State Department and USAID officials in a State Department system that, unfortunately, is not for public view. Still, it reveals that conflict exists within governmental structures. In the case of this memo, the impact is certain to be essentially zero. It’s as if leadership is saying, “OK, you’re critical, but now back to work.” So then, how does someone aware of dangerous or treasonous activity make it known to a larger public that needs it?

There is a vast storehouse of secrets within the hundreds of thousands of people in America’s federal alphabet agencies, e.g. CDC, CIA, FDA, EPA, DHS, FBI. There are many more “3-letters”, of course, but those 6 are high in the public mind. Every one impacts on the public’s perception of the Covid-19 Pandemic — of the early lies about there being no existing treatment thus forcing the world toward an untested genetic therapy misnamed “vaccine”, of the relentless in-your-face lies of “safe and effective”, of the censoring of alternative medical views, of hiding the fact of mortality rates vastly higher in the vaccinated. Things like that. Those 6 agencies alone account for ~600,000 federal employees, many who know much about which We The People are intentionally kept in the dark.

Leaderships of the 6 listed adhere with military fidelity to the official story of the Pandemic, now known to be full of orchestrated deceptions. But enforced conformity to a narrative is a key to “success” in dealing with a pandemic, according to Event 201’s strategy as framed mere weeks before the Covid-19 Pandemic was declared.

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