The Most Devastating Interview of my Life — with Dr James Thorp: How HHS Paid Millions to get 1000s of Drs to Damage Women; Hurt, Kill Babies.

Please forgive my recent silence. I am locked in an apartment in Brooklyn, copyediting a new book (out in November with Chelsea Green), titled Facing the Beast. You can guess what it is about.

But I have also had to take a breath for a week or two to manage my own emotions, because what I have learned in the last few weeks is so very devastating, regarding the plans of the evildoers of our moment, to destroy, or restrict severely the powers of humanity, via destroying babies and human fertility.

We learned in DailyClout’s Report 69 that Pfizer knew that they were killing babies in utero and that they knew they were making nursing newborns, born to vaccinated moms, severely ill. And they proceeded to urge this mRNA injection on pregnant women. As did The New York Times (which, I gather, is running a hit piece on me shortly, surely coincidentally). As did Dr Rochelle Walensky, who told all the pregnant women in America to get an mRNA injection three days after Pfizer concluded that it was a factor in the aborting of two babies.

The first tranche of the Moderna papers came out in July, due to another successful lawsuit by hero/lawyer Aaron Siri. And we learned that Moderna, too, had been experimenting on destroying the fertility cycles of female mammals.

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