Target shares tumble after Pride display backlash
“Twilight” actress Rachelle Lefevre said she can no longer take her 7-year-old non-binary son to shop at Target after it moved its controversial Pride collection to the back of some stores to quell the ongoing backlash.

In an emotional Instagram post over the weekend, the Canadian actress accused Target of “trying to erase” the LGBTQ community by moving Pride displays away from the front of several southern stores amid threats of boycotts and backlash from conservatives. In her caption, Lefevre said the big box retail chain demonstrated “performative allyship” by fraudulently supporting her son and other members of the LGBTQ community.

“‘I just walked into Target and where you see all these lovely swimsuits, that’s where the Pride display used to be. I came in here two days ago and my 7-year-old, who’s nonbinary, saw it and said, ‘Look, Mom, it’s pride Look, they’re going to celebrate me,'” an emotional Lefevre said on Instagram.

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