A tiny far-right Canadian separatist group pushing for Alberta to join the U.S. as the 51st state got a publicity boost when right-wing outlets Fox News and Newsmax reported about its existence Tuesday, in the latest fringe movement for Albertan secession—though the group’s hopes of breaking away from Canada are a tremendous longshot.
An anonymous source from the group, which launched in opposition to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Covid-19 restrictions, told Fox News he had “an affinity toward the U.S.” because of its “freedom, Constitution and just the entire Republican system versus the monarchy here, which is really a pseudonym for dictatorship.”

More recently, the group, which only has 67 members on Facebook and 74 Twitter followers, has risen to prominence among right-wing networks for its resurrection of a longstanding movement to redraw the U.S.-Canada border around the oil-rich, heavily conservative province (Forbes has reached out to The Alberta 51 Project for comment).

Fox News featured the advocacy group in an online article Tuesday, linking it to a video from Fox News’ The Five slamming Trudeau’s decision to invoke emergency authorization to quell protests led by truck drivers in February 2022, which had caused highway blockades and shut down bridges and border crossings to the U.S.

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