After eight years of Justin Trudeau, life has never been more expensive. Trudeau’s carbon tax has driven up the cost of everything, forcing families to choose between heating their homes, putting food on the table or filling up their car.

It’s clear that Canadians need relief, not another painful tax increase. Yet, on April 1st, Justin Trudeau’s desperately out-of-touch government will hike the carbon tax again by 23%. This is just the latest part of his plan to quadruple this tax over the next six years, even though it has had no effect on lowering GHG emissions.

And while Trudeau and his radical Environment Minister lie to Canadians about their carbon tax rebates, the independent Parliamentary Budget Officer has been clear that most Canadian families will pay more in the tax than they receive in the rebate. This year, Trudeau’s carbon tax will cost families in Alberta $911, Saskatchewan $525, Manitoba $502, Ontario $627, Nova Scotia $537, Prince Edward Island $550 and Newfoundland and Labrador $377.

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