We’ve been looking into a new bill in Ontario, one the government says will fix the academic decrepitude in schools, but you’re not going to believe what the Doug Ford PCs are stuffing into this Trojan Horse!

Back on April 19th, Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce suggested that his newly introduced Bill 98 would refocus schools on reading, writing and math.

In a mass email announcing the proposed government legislation, the subject line read: “Back to Basics in Education”.

Sounds wonderful so far, doesn’t it?

Especially after the last few years in which parents have suffered a tsunami of LGBT ideology and Critical Race Theory indoctrination in their children’s classrooms.

On the surface, it would appear that Lecce is responding in a positive way to the runaway wokeism that has recently caused fed-up parents to speak out at school board meetings across Ontario.

To give you just a few examples, recent parent uprisings erupted and made the news in the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board over transgender washrooms, in the Durham District School Board over gay pornography books, and in the Waterloo Catholic School Board over hate speech directed at “white Christian males”.

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