MP Han Dong (Don Valley North, Ont.) as a Liberal candidate for re-election in 2021 “continued to maintain close relationships” with China’s Consulate in Toronto, former governor general David Johnston said yesterday. No reason was given.

“I can report the following,” wrote Johnston in his First Report on Chinese interference. “Irregularities were observed with Mr. Dong’s nomination in 2019 and there is well-grounded suspicion the irregularities were tied to the China Consulate in Toronto with whom Mr. Dong maintains relationships.”

“In reviewing the intelligence I did not find evidence that Mr. Dong was aware of the irregularities or the Consulate’s potential involvement in his nomination,” wrote Johnston. “The Prime Minister was briefed about these irregularities although no specific recommendation was provided,” wrote Johnston. “He concluded there was no basis to displace Mr. Dong as the candidate for Don Valley North.”

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