A Senate employee golf tournament that’s soliciting $400 corporate sponsorships complies with all ethics codes, managers said yesterday. The tournament is scheduled only days before a new Lobbyists’ Code comes into force that limits gifts to public office holders at $40.

“The organizers are employees of Senate administration,” said Alison Korn, spokesperson for the Senate. “They are not public office holders under the Lobbying Act.”

The current Lobbyists’ Code Of Conduct states: “The term ‘public office holder’ as defined in the Lobbying Act includes senators and members of the House of Commons and their staff, ministers and their staff and employees of federal departments and agencies.”

“Canadians should expect that all who participate in the development and application of public policy, laws and regulations will act in a manner that demonstrates respect for Canada’s democratic institutions,” says the Lobbyists’ Code. “To avoid the creation of a sense of obligation a lobbyist shall not provide or promise a gift, favour or other benefit to a public office holder whom they are lobbying or will lobby which the public office holder is not allowed to accept.”

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