The power of ignorance is destroying our heritage

The suffocating insanity is overwhelming. I struggle to keep my head above water, convincing myself to, as the Brits used to say, “keep calm and carry on” in the fight. I know I am on the battlefield, determined to hold my ground and keep my post. I can’t expect this to be pleasant or comfortable- only I wish. Yet, it’s no secret that, like many of you, every- single- day I feel crushed by the madness. I desperately cling to hope, and yet I am witnessing our country’s accelerating descent into destruction, into doom.

It is an everyday occurrence, whether at our schools, on our streets, the policies that are announced, enforced and imposed, the relentless crazy news, you name it. No wonder some prefer to remain ignorant. The adage claims “ignorance is bliss”. I used to dismiss it, firmly believing in the adage “knowledge is power,” in the truest sense of the word: awareness, understanding, comprehension, consciousness. Now I wonder, perhaps ignorance does offer bliss.

At times, I find myself at a loss, unsure where to begin, what to tackle, which issue to address, a dilemma I am certain many of us face as we have lives to lead and mouths to feed. Like many of you, I realized that the enemy is within, the barbarians invaded years ago, and we let them take over our institutions! But it doesn’t end there. This isn’t just about an invasion by enemies; it’s also about a deadly contagious disease infiltrating people’s minds, rendering them blind to truth and reason. It transforms them into beings that only resemble human beings, God’s creation, yet they may as well be devils for all intents and purposes.

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