The Conservative Party of Canada leader roasted Prime Minister Trudeau over his infamous teaching scandal, where the former high school teacher left in the middle of the semester for unclear reasons.
Trudeau proudly confirmed that he was a high school teacher before he entered politics, and said he couldn’t remember what Poilievre did before politics — a dig at the Conservative leader for being a lifelong politician.

Poilievre responded, “Yes and he left right in the middle of the semester and I’m having trouble remembering why.”

Poilievre’s caucus erupted, and Trudeau ignored the comment.

Unconfirmed rumours have long made the rounds when it comes to Trudeau’s departure from West Point Grey while he was a high school teacher.
Rumours aside, one thing that can be confirmed is Trudeau inappropriately groped reporter Rose Knight about 20 years ago.

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