On May 22, 2023, I offered a $2,500 reward for anyone to give me the names of more than 5 Amish people in Lancaster, PA (which is the world’s largest single community of Amish people with over 45,000 people) who died from COVID.

Nobody could do that. I got a few names. And nobody could name anyone under 50 years old who was suspected of dying from COVID. The best anyone could do was come up with 5 names, 52 years of age and older, mostly very old people.

In other words, the Amish didn’t do anything to protect against getting COVID: no lockdowns, no vaccinations, no masks, no social distancing, no mandates, no school closures, nothing. If they got sick, they used ivermectin and other methods that were not recommended by the CDC or FDA.

90% of the Amish have been infected by COVID, yet only 5 of the Amish might have died from COVID.

This means their overall COVID infection fatality rate (IFR) for all ages is .011% and for under 50, their IFR is 0%. For >60, their IFR=.044% which is 23X lower than the surrounding community.

The US <60 IFR is .09% and <70 IFR is .18% from the Ioannidis paper.

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