Written on 03/07/2023 – (recovered and reposted to Substack)

I want to take you, the reader, through some information that will not only terrify you, but if you are capable of realising the potential uses of the technology in question, you will almost certainly become active in the resistance. This technology that I am about to show you and elaborate on, is more than likely already in use against us right now as we speak. The likelihood that 5g towers are functioning as a grid based, real-time imaging system, and recording it for playback purposes, is at the point of precarious certainty. In other words, we are waiting for them to admit it.

First I will show you the technology. Wireless, radio wave based transmissions were first used in 1904 to create what we now know as radar. This technology integrated a display known as an Oscilloscope that displayed 2d representations of the information obtained through pulsed signals sent out from an emitter. Roll on to todays surveillance state models that we are seeing pop up globally, and you can be damn sure they have a keen interest in seeing where you as a citizen are, at all times. To establish the basic acceptance of the existence of this technology I must first provide you some video content for your own perusal before you continue with this article. You must first understand the nature of this technology before I bring you full circle with its implications.

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