The Kim Iversen Show LIVE | October 17, 2023

Message from Kim – “I try not to report on breaking news for the reason that the news shifts so rapidly as more information comes out. In this situation- we now have images that prove the hospital itself was not struck nor leveled as reports were initially coming from the area. I am not in the war zone myself and can only rely on reports from others who are there. I will remember this and take a day before reporting on my show. Twitter is a different animal as is built for real time reactions, so I won’t apologize for anything that happens there – but I will apologize for last night’s show when I claimed the building had been leveled when it hadn’t been”

A hospital in Gaza was struck killing 500 civilians. IDF blames Hamas and Hamas blames the IDF. What does the evidence show? Netanyahu calls for the world to back their war against the “Axis of Evil” – Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran – claiming they are like the Nazis during World War 2.

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