Feminists believe that they know what is best for women. Together with the mainstream media, they have pushed their policies forward as self-evident truths, from which no deviation is allowed.

There’s no policy more fervently promoted by feminists than the one that women can only be equal to men if they take their place in the labour force, earning a wage. They claim this enriches women’s lives, and gives them independence from the patriarchy. They offer no other path for women. Progressives believe that remaining at home caring for one’s family is “wasting” women’s potential, arguing that they make no meaningful contribution to society.

But something is changing. More women are rejecting the feminist propaganda which is to maintain their careers because motherhood is career suicide. This has been endlessly played and repeated on the feminist soundtrack. However, there is a new movement, indicating that women are resisting the feminists’ siren call and are instead, making independent choices to remain at home caring for their families.

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