More than 300 amendments and a new treaty, and not one nation dissented regarding the global takeover by the World Health Organization (WHO) during a recent World Health Assembly meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.

This week the WHO director-general announced the deployment of a global tracking and tracing program. If this program gains traction, it will be devastating to freedom.

Unless the United States pushes back, the WHO’s power grab will pass. The final vote now appears to be set for the next meeting of the World Health Assembly. I don’t trust the WHO’s public agenda, and thus we need to be prepared for a vote at any time. But regardless of the timing, we need to exit the WHO immediately and end funding for this corrupt organization.

If these amendments and the treaty pass, globalists will have complete control over water, food, medicine, treatments, travel, shipping, crops, grassland, energy, social interactions, and so much more.

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