The day after the city’s housing and affordability task force recommendations were voted down, Calgary city council had a change of heart and voted in favour of them, with some changes.

Late Tuesday, councillors Dan McLean, Andre Chabot, Richard Pootmans, Jennifer Wyness, Terry Wong, Sonya Sharp, Peter Demong and Sean Chu voted against the recommendations, citing concerns about items like making a base residential land use district common across the city, and how the decision-making process on the recommendations would play out.

“The process was not clear yesterday,” Mayor Jyoti Gondek said.

Pootmans said he did some reflecting on the vote that evening and then reached out to his colleagues.

“It occurred to me after I went home, I was ashamed. The city has an affordable housing issue and there’s a housing problem as well. None of this was effectively addressed by what we did yesterday,” he told reporters. “In fact, it was not at all addressed.”

The year-old task force’s recommendations focused on three outcomes: increasing and diversifying the housing supply in Calgary, strengthening the ties within the housing sector and improving living conditions for people in rental housing.

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