It’s time to start calling things what they are. Fortunately, Amazing Polly is only happy to do so, as she digs into the backgrounds of the swamp creatures who populate the vaccine “research” community.

“Predatory vaccine companies and…pharmaceutical companies and ‘philanthropists’, philanthro-capitalists, eugenicists, that are obsessed with population reduction are running the entire global health paradigm. They’ve captured all the agencies. If they aren’t blackmailing people, they’ve brainwashed people. This is just the facts.

“And for these smart, educated medical professionals who’ve gained a voice in this whole thing, to keep running around the same hamster wheel since the beginning of the pandemic, without looking at the players involved – ever – it’s making me insane.

“It’s making me mistrust even the doctors who are on our own side…because either they are stupid or they are in on it, at this point. I can’t take it anymore!

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