To understand the impact the World Health Organisation’s (“WHO’s”) proposed International Health Regulations (“IHR”) amendments will have on every person on Earth, we have to get to grips with what totalitarian rule is – because should the amendments proposed by WHO be accepted next month, the people of the world would be subjected to unadulterated totalitarianism.

The WHO’s Road to Totalitarianism
By Bert Oliver

Several articles on the proposed amendments to the WHO’s international health regulations have appeared on Brownstone Institute, such as THIS excellent introduction. Consequently, there is no need to repeat this information in a similar format. What I would like to do instead is to pursue the question, what the implications would be for people worldwide if this organisation were to be successful in getting the representatives of member countries to accept the proposed amendments. More specifically, what are the likely consequences in terms of the concept and practice of totalitarianism?

To understand this, one has to get to grips with the mode of rule called totalitarian government, of course, but I doubt whether most people have an adequate grasp of full-fledged totalitarian rule, despite recently experiencing it to a certain degree under “pandemic” conditions. Should the amendments proposed by the WHO be accepted in May, the citizens of the world would be subjected to unadulterated totalitarianism, however, so it is worthwhile exploring the full implications of this “anonymous” mode of governance here.

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