David Johnston’s key adviser Sheila Block seems to have donated only to the Liberal Party for years
Posted on May 24, 2023 by Bradford
Johnston violating ethics law by ruling on old friend Trudeau’s actions — group will file complaint with Ethics Commissioner office
Public inquiry needed with commissioner(s) chosen by all-party leaders, or House committee needs to be given security clearance to review evidence behind closed doors with Liberal MPs not filibustering again to block review
Wednesday, May 24, 2023

OTTAWA – Today, Democracy Watch revealed that a search of Elections Canada’s database shows that lawyer Sheila R. Block, whom David Johnston retained to assist him in obtaining, reviewing and analyzing secret information that Prime Minister Trudeau gave them access to, seems to have donated a total of $7,593.38 (listed under “Sheila Block” and “Sheila R. Block”) to only the Liberal Party of Canada from 2006 to 2022. Johnston confirms that he retained Ms. Block for these purposes on in Section II.2) of his first report (page 6 of PDF) which he released yesterday.

Democracy Watch announced that it will file a complaint with the federal Ethics Commissioner’s office that David Johnston is violating the federal Conflict of Interest Act by ruling on his old friend Justin Trudeau’s actions on foreign interference. DWatch already filed a complaint with the Commissioner about Trudeau violating the Act by handing a government contract to his old friend Johnston – click here to see details.

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