A Minnesota woman alleging the radiofrequency radiation emitted by a cell tower near her home triggered 51 strokes on Monday sued AT&T and other companies involved in the operation of the tower.

Children’s Health Defense (CHD), which is funding the lawsuit, filed the complaint on behalf of Marcia Haller, who previously told The Defender she became disabled shortly after the cell tower was “upgraded” in 2019.

In addition to suffering dozens of strokes since then, she’s suffered vision and hearing loss, headaches, sleep disruption, chronic fatigue and cognitive impairment. She also experiences ongoing issues with balance, orientation and mobility.

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota (Duluth), alleges the companies operating the tower must provide Haller with a “reasonable accommodation” and/or modify their “policies, practices or procedures” to comply with federal disability law.

In addition to AT&T, defendants in the suit include T-Mobile and American Tower.

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