Don’t-ask-don’t-tell as applied to vaccines and other difficult-to-characterize, highly-susceptible-to-contamination medical-military poisons.

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Dec. 19, 2023 – Legalized FDA non-regulation of biological products effective May 2, 2019, by Federal Register Final Rule, signed by then-FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb.

Feb. 5, 2024 – Feb. 9, 2023 Children’s Health Defense Q&A, transcript.

Catherine Austin Fitts, speaking Feb. 9, 2023 – “…The financial coup started in 1995. There was a budget deal that busted and I was told by a variety of people that quote, ‘They have given up on the country and are moving all the money out starting in the fall…’ But what is interesting is the month after the bust-up of the budget deal you had the FDA approve Oxycontin. And the HUD, and some of the other agencies, approved predatory lending practices for poor neighborhoods. And suddenly those neighborhoods were being targeted by three things: by Oxycontin and the pill mills; by unbelievable predatory lending which was driving people out; and finally by SWAT teams that were rounding up and stuffing people into slave labor camps is the only way I can describe it… And a series of things started. I call it the Great Poisoning, that we’re bringing down life expectancy… We’re going to intentionally bring down life expectancy, because if you cannot get the retirement system on a sound financial footing, and there’s no political support for that, then your only other way of balancing the budget is to either bring down life expectancy, and or take the money and run, which is what I think has happened…”

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