America faces a health crisis with a 700% increase in chronic disease since the 1930s, less than 10% of Americans have good metabolic health, and obesity rates have soared to 42.4% as of 2018
The reliance on processed foods and influence of large food companies have eroded traditional food cultures, contributing to confusion over healthy eating and a spike in diet-related diseases
Analysis of vintage cookbooks reveals a stark contrast between our ancestors’ diet, which included whole-animal consumption, diverse animal products and natural carbs, and today’s processed and restrictive eating habits
Past diets rich in meat, saturated fats, and year-round carbohydrates challenge modern misconceptions, highlighting the negative impact of vegetable oils and processed foods on metabolic health
By returning to a diet consisting of meat, butter, dairy, natural sugars, fruits, and well-prepared starches and vegetables, and avoiding modern processed and PUFA-rich foods, we can reclaim the health and nutritional wisdom of past generations

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