Who has the power to kill the world?

By Sarah / July 9, 2024 /

Money is Power is Money.
This is a follow on to the recent article contributed by Catherine Austin Fitts of to this stack. If you have not read it, I suggest you do so now. It provides a very clear “big picture” analysis of the covid con, and offers historical perspective to it. Attempts to post this article to Facebook resulted in immediate (within 2 seconds) removal. You will not find this information in propaganda news sources:

I am frequently asked, how do you know who gave the orders to start killing the world under pretenses of a fake pandemic in 2020?

This question is not a very difficult one, as the power hierarchy is clearly visible: the laws that are being invoked (national emergency, suspension of the Constitution) defense production, weapons purchasing, full liability protection to those who follow the orders to kill. This is not difficult, but requires reading and understanding the relevant public documents, or at least reading my pinned post where all this is summarized.

If you don’t want to read these documents or my prior articles, here is a very simple thought experiment: who do you think has enough power (measured in money) to pull off a global murder operation?

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Canadians Begin Hiring ‘Guardian Angels’ to Protect Hospital Patients from Euthanasia

By Sarah / July 9, 2024 /

Canadians are now taking the unprecedented steps of hiring people to protect vulnerable hospital patients from being euthanized by government doctors.

As Slay News has reported, Canada’s Liberal government is increasingly pushing to euthanize citizens who are considered a burden on the state’s taxpayer-funded healthcare system.

However, concerns are now growing that vulnerable patients are being railroaded into the country’s Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) program to cut costs and relieve the supposed burden.

In response, an organization called the Delta Hospice Society (DHS), one of Canada’s only fully pro-life hospices, has now launched a service offering “Guardian Angels” who will protect patients from being euthanized.

DHS says its “Guardian Angels” can be assigned to patients to ensure they are not “pressured” into state-sponsored euthanasia.

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Deaths by vaccination status, England

By Valerie / July 8, 2024 /

About this Dataset
Age-standardised mortality rates for deaths involving coronavirus (COVID-19), non-COVID-19 deaths and all deaths by vaccination status, broken down by age group.
Edition in this dataset

Deaths occurring between 1 April 2021 and 31 May 2023 edition of this dataset
xlsx (887.0 KB)

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COVID Vaccinated Kids 4,423% More Likely to Die Than ‘Pureblood’ Kids

By Roli / July 8, 2024 /

Data compiled by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) in the U.K. had shown that children who received the Covid vaccine were 4,423 percent (over 44 times) more likely to die than children who did not get the shot.

Not only did the data show that the shot, which was billed as ‘safe & effective‘, was not safe, but it also showed that it was not effective either, as children who received the injection were 13,633 percent (over 136 times) more likely to die of Covid itself, the very disease the shot was said to protect against.

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Canadian euthanasia doctor has killed hundreds.

By Roli / July 8, 2024 /

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Sharon Kirkey wrote a pro-euthanasia / pro-Ellen Wiebe article that was published in the National Post on Saturday July 6.

Kirkey, who has written many pro-euthanasia articles, attempts to fix the perception of Wiebe after she was seen laughing in the film Better off Dead? by disability activist / actress Liz Carr while discussing euthanasia.

Elmira Tanatarova reported for the Daily Mail on May 15 that many of the viewers of the Better off Dead? documentary were uneasy with Wiebe as she giggled when discussing the number of her euthanasia deaths.

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EXCLUSIVE: Cal State”Gender” Academic Inspired Pedophilic Fantasy On Castrating, Enslaving Young Boys

By Valerie / July 8, 2024 /

Reduxx has learned that a Professor Emeritus at California State University and a top consultant to the world’s leading transgender health authority directly contributed to an erotic story featuring themes of the graphic mutilation and sexual slavery of children.

In 2022, Reduxx exposed a number of academics for their role in a disturbing website known as the Eunuch Archive, a long-standing forum which hosts nearly 10,000 “erotic” stories of an extreme sadomasochistic nature. In addition to hosting the fantasy material, a discussion forum exists to provide support and community to men who identify as “eunuchs,” and seek to be or are already castrated.

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Canadian hospice society provides ‘Guardian Angels’ to protect patients from euthanasia

By Sarah / July 8, 2024 /

Delta Hospice Society’s ‘Guardian Angels’ are ‘friendly visitors on a mission … to ensure patients are getting proper health care, palliative care and to avoid them from being pressured into euthanasia or MAiD.’

(LifeSiteNews) – The Delta Hospice Society (DHS), one of Canada’s only fully pro-life hospices, is actively seeking patients in the healthcare system so that one of its “Guardian Angels” can be assigned to them to ensure they are not “pressured” into state-sponsored euthanasia.

“Our launch of Guardian Angels is now at the point where we need clients,” DHS president Angelina Ireland told LifeSiteNews. “We are looking for patients inside the healthcare system who would like an Angel, those within hospital, hospice, long-term care, palliative care wards, or people with a chronic or terminal illness.”

Ireland said that the patients or their loved ones can “reach out to us and request one of our Angels.”

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Doctors Warn of ‘Alarming 3000% Increase in Unexplained Child Deaths’

By Iron Will / July 6, 2024 /

A group of prominent Canadian medical doctors and scientists has just held a press conference to warn the public about a staggering spike in child deaths.

The doctors issued an emergency warning over an “alarming 3000% increase in unexplained child deaths.”

The press conference featured Dr. Byram Bridle, Dr. William Makis, Darrell Komick, Dr. Chris Shoemaker, Dr. David Speicher, and Dr. Mark Trozzi.

The doctors took questions from reporters about the surge in child deaths which emerged after the Covid mRNA shots rollout started in early 2021.

The presser was held on the morning after the landmark event “An Injection of Truth” in Calgary, Canada.

At the event, a delegation of Canadian medical doctors and scientists presented crucial scientific information.

They then held the press conference to alert the public about their findings.

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Autopsies Link 73.9% of Post-Jab Deaths to the Shot

By Iron Will / July 5, 2024 /

A peer-reviewed study in Forensic Science International found that 73.9% of post-COVID-19 vaccination deaths were directly caused by or significantly contributed to by the injections
The study, initially censored by The Lancet, analyzed 325 autopsy cases and found cardiovascular issues were the most common cause of death, followed by blood and respiratory problems
Researchers suggest the spike protein in COVID-19 vaccines may be responsible for side effects, potentially causing inflammation and clotting in various tissues and organs
Another study in South Korea found increased incidences of mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease within three months of COVID-19 vaccination, particularly with mRNA vaccines
The article mentions censorship of research critical of COVID-19 vaccines and suggests seeking help from organizations like FLCCC for those experiencing post-vaccination injuries

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Covid Shots Caused Surge in Sudden Cardiac Deaths Among Pilots, Study Finds

By Iron Will / July 5, 2024 /

A bombshell new study has confirmed that the surge in sudden cardiac-related deaths among pilots over the last three years was caused by Covid mRNA shots.

The study was led by an eminent Board Certified Endocrinologist Dr. Julian Yin Vieira Borges.

Borges, who is also board-certified in medical nutrition research, conducted a systematic review of peer-reviewed literature, international aviation databases, and pilot associations in order to identify the cause of the surge in sudden deaths.

The team of Brazilian researchers analyzed the relevant data involving sudden cardiac death (SCD) among aviation pilots.

The analysis focused on trends in SCD prevalence, risk factors, prevention strategies, and recent findings.

During the study, the team investigated the potential impact of COVID-19, the role of mRNA injections, and important biomarkers to screen for predisposition.

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