IWR Weekly: Are You Eating mRNA Pork?

The Iron Will Report for the week of April 14th: Wokies setting up a virtual ‘systemic racism’ school Why are people choosing to overdose on public transit? BBC’s   “job creation scheme for pedophiles” BBC labelled as ‘state-sponsored’ media by Twitter. Will CBC be next? How much did Trudeau Foundation donations increase after Justy was elected? Why the globalists are destroying supply chains? The answer goes deeper than you think. How the WEF, WHO and IMF are working together to control everything Idaho criminalizes transgender surgery for minors Oregon teacher suspended after ‘Wheel of Perversion’ class Are you eating pork infected with mRNA? How eye doctors might help save the vaxxed Canada has been hiding miscarriages from the vaccines Hospital wait times in Canada are killing patients B.C. court rejects appeal for access to private health care The woke cancel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
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