IWR Weekly: Access Denied | How the Non-Compliant Will be Controlled (EXCERPT)

In this week’s Iron Will Report:

  • “Universal Monetary Unit’ to Become New Global Currency
  • Countries Are Phasing Out Cash
  • Canada: the World’s Most Cashless Society
  • Twitter Labels CBC as State-Sponsored Media
  • Poilievre Trolls Reporter: “Check with the Ethics Commissioner”
  • Turd’s Wallet of Bills: Censorship Bills, That Is
  • Rachel Notley Has Reporter Thrown Out Rather Than Answer Questions
  • Josh Alexander and Other Youth Resisting ‘Institutionalized Grooming’
  • Covid Deaths Up 39% Since Vax Rollout
  • A Flurry of Lawsuits Among Big Pharma Companies
  • Man Denied Blood Donation for Refusing to Reveal ‘Pregnancy Status’
  • Dylan Mulvaney: The Six Billion Dollar Man

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