An Important Legal Victory | Leighton Grey

Pastor Timothy Stephens refused to comply with the government’s illegal covid mandates and continued operating his Alberta church with no masks and no social distancing. He was arrested twice and held in prison for 21 days. His case is the first of the many thousands of fine cases to not only make it to trial, but to get a decision. All charges were dropped and Justice Dunlop ruled the government’s actions illegal. Leighton also discusses other cases and his thoughts on amnesty for the covid criminals in our government. Why did the court find in favor of Pastor Stephens? Why are other cases effectively on hold and what case will likely decide the direction for all of them? Why did the courts in Alberta effectively sentence a woman to death for refusing the vaccines? Should there be amnesty for the covid decision makers? LINKS to some of Leighton’s recent articles: Accountability Before Amnesty The Tyranny of Foreign Aid Out From the Shadows
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