A Victory in the War for Freedom of Speech | Jason Fyk

Jason Fyk had 38 million followers on Facebook, until they killed his page. And the reasons had nothing to do with content. He has since founded SocialMediaFreedom.org and is challenging the section of American law which is allowing content hosts such as Facebook and YouTube to remove content in violation of our freedom of speech. And he’s winning. Recently Jason won a very important decision and is now taking his case to the U.S. Supreme Court. With our government pushing through Bill C-11 this is important and timely information. What was the real reason Facebook killed his page? How are the laws being written to provide indemnity to content providers for violating freedom of speech? What things should not be allowed on social media? What would a Supreme Court win mean for proponents of freedom of speech, not just in America, but as a precedent for the rest of the world? LINK: SocialMediaFreedom.org
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