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Will Disease X Break the Pandemic Narrative?
Dr. Peter McCullough

Very recently, the WHO, at the 77th World Health Assembly in Geneva, rammed through the International Health Treaty and the hundreds of Amendments to it in a last minute session late on the last day of the conference.

In recent months, H5N1 has come to dominate mainstream news, with almost daily stories on chicken flocks being culled, the virus now being found in cows and some wild mammals, and of course a media circus every time a human is found to be infected. This despite the fact that in the past year there have been only 3 human cases of H5N1 in the U.S., all of them with minor symptoms, and in Canada, according to the NCCIA, the National Collaborating Center for Infectious Diseases, our very own version of the CDC, the last human case of H5N1 was in 2014. In a person who had just returned from China.

Despite this the fearmongering machine is hard at work while we know that Gain of Function research is ongoing to make the virus transmissible between humans, which thus far it is not. The only way to get infected is to come in contact with an infected bird.

Then there’s the culling of supposedly infected chicken flocks, and soon, almost certainly, cattle herds. The rapid development of vaccines for human H5N1. Vaccines for a disease that presently, humans cannot pass between themselves.

What does all of this add up to?

Dr. Peter McCullough recently co-authored a paper on the origins of avian flu and how it is spread by waterfowl, primarily ducks. In this paper, the authors reveal some very suspicious facts surrounding how the disease has progressed and changed in recent years.

Dr. McCullough also gives us his thoughts on why the globalists are spending so much money on developing a human version of a virus, which, by all educated accounts, will likely be harmless to most of us.

Will H5N1, if it is Disease X, be the pandemic that breaks the narrative, when the WHO declares a global health emergency; a pandemic where almost no one gets sick.

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