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What Makes Us Sick: Our Toxic Environment
Dr. Rob Verkerk

In this, Part 2 of my exhaustive interview with multi-disciplinary scientist Dr. Rob Verkerk, Rob and I discuss the broader implications of big pharma interventions, and the widespread acceptance of a narrow viewpoint that focuses entirely on viruses as disease vectors, when in fact they are much more than that.

We as a society are being conditioned to view dirt as dangerous, germs as potential killers, and pharmaceutical interventions and an obsession with cleanliness to the point of sterilization as the only path to protecting ourselves from illness.

Many of you are aware that the extensive use of hand sanitizers likely only creates more virulent microbes, while putting toxic chemicals in our bodies.

But even that is only one small part of the problem.

When we put out naturally occurring forest fires, we prevent soil renewal, the cleaning of organically exhausted detritus from the forest floor, and cause choking out of lower canopy growth as well as creating an ideal environment for parasites. The result is a forest that is so sick, that the next lightning strike ignites a catastrophic fire that we can’t put out, no matter how much manpower and resources we throw at it.

Rob believes we are doing the same to our biosphere. Not in the way that the radical environmentalists and global warming doomsayers believe, but in ways that are far more insidious, and potentially much more catastrophic.

mRNA vaccines that essentially act as retroviruses, rewriting human and animal DNA with results that cannot possibly be predicted. The introduction of toxic chemicals into the soil, destroying biodiversity. Genetically modified food that can wipe out it’s natural ancestor or competitors, upsetting the ecological balance. Electromagnetic radiation that may have a host of detrimental effects on biological organisms, and not just humans. And most recently, CRISPR gene editing technology and AI gene engineering tools in the hands of amateurs who have no idea of what they are playing with.

If we continue on this path, an ecological disaster seems almost certain. Not necessarily one caused by globalist machinations, although that will certainly be a contributing factor. And if it happens, if we see our entire biosphere beginning to crumble, what will it look like, how bad could it be, and how can we prevent it.

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