Using Statistics, Our Own Governments Lie to Us | William Warren Munroe

Warren Munroe has a master’s degree in population analysis and a bachelor’s in historical geography. Warren joins us to share his insights into the data that the BC government used to justify its unwarranted health orders for a non-existent pandemic. Listen as he offers some insights into applying critical thought to effectively assess statistics.  On How to Lie Using Statistics … Mortality is a hot topic right now with regard to the reasoning by the government to justify taking away people’s rights and freedoms. When we looked at the data, we could see that there’s an increasing number of people entering into the high mortality years of 70 years of age and older. It’s explained the rise in the number of deaths. As the number of people aged into the high mortality years, it was almost one increased the other one increased almost in lock step. That told us a lot, the variation in mortality had a lot to do with the variation and the age of the number of people in the high mortality years at 70 and over, it was almost a hundred percent. On COVID and H1N1 Virus… It’s helpful for people to take a look at the chart for their own clarification, but that’s essentially what happened. There’s fluctuations and the 2020 deaths are well within the parameters of it compared to the previous 20 years. It’s not statistically significantly different. You would be making an error to say so…that’s just the way that it goes, people tend to die in the winter time, especially over 70. On Reform vs. Revolution… I try to avoid revolution. I think it can be too messy. I do lean towards reform and I hope that we’re not going too far past, but that some reform would be helpful. I would have in the high schools, the civics courses that Brian Peckford’s been talking about, I think that’s really important. I never had those. I had no idea. I’m just learning now how that works. But I would also include basic numeracy courses. I’d like to go back to the prescribed learning outcomes, the one that I advocate is teach students how to access and assess data…using the population census of population…if all the schools across Canada had those basic courses, they would be comfortable doubting and being able to go take a look themselves…people are smart. They’re not dumb. There are some people out there that don’t want to have an informed and consulted society. They prefer to have a misinformed and easily misled society. I think knowledge is a good way for us to become free of that. LINKS: Corruption in Healthcare – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Deaths, Unusually High in Canada in 2020? An Examination of Statistics Canada Datasets Review of information prepared by the BC CDC Was the WHO Justified in Endorsing China’s Lockdown? BC Population Data Warning How to fix a sick culture – Fire Whistleblowers? Future Population Projections Scenarios Warren’s site
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