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      Iron Will

      I define a Libertarian as ‘a person who believes in absolute minimum government and maximum personal rights and responsibilities’. It is the inclusion of the word ‘responsibilities’ that makes a Libertarian. We understand that one cannot have rights without them. People who leave out the phrase ‘and responsibilities’ are not Libertarians, they are Anarchists. We must all understand that our rights and freedoms are granted to us by the society in which we live, and that as a result we owe it back to society to do our part to maintain the social structure. This means everything from being polite to strangers to not committing acts which harm others.

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      John C. A. Manley

      I’d largely agree with the above definition.

      Saying we owe it to our society to be “polite” to others is true enough, as long as it’s not something that is enforced. It’s really in our own self-interest to be polite to others, as social stigmatization is usually the result of not being so—thus no government intervention is required to keep us in line.

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