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The WHO and the Globalist Hydra

Next year the WHO will vote on amendments to the proposed International Health Treaty, an agreement on the part of 194 member nations to install the WHO as global health dictators.

These amendments, originally proposed by the Biden government last year would give the WHO the power to require member nations to participate in lockdowns, mandatory masking, mandatory vaccinations, and restrictions on movement. All of it authorized under international law and enforced by trade sanctions on countries that do not comply.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Shabnam Palesa Mohamed is a human rights activist, lawyer and journalist from South Africa and also sits on the steering committee of the World Council for Health, an apolitical international health advisory organization.

Shabnam is an expert on the International Health Regulations, the WHO international health treaty and on the proposed amendments. She joins me today from her home in South Africa to discuss not just the amendments and what we as the peoples of our individual nations can do to push back against them, but perhaps more importantly to reveal how the WHO is simply one head of what she calls the hydra of the globalist agenda, and where that agenda is headed next.


World Council for Health

Better Way Conference

Documents on the Proposed IHR Amendments


  1. Richard Levy on July 6, 2023 at 9:56 am

    How many citizens of these 194 countries signed up for this crap? Almost every single one of them because they refused to open their eyes to see that the garden trail they’re being led down is covered in poison ivy, poison oak, all kinds of nightshades, thorny bush and poisonous vipers, spiders, and sea creatures along with all parasites, bacteria and virus that go with them. I’m sure I missed some of the ingredients…Things of the vipers garden trail to stick inside of us the sheeple.
    Lets all wake up and say NO. My dog has no problem saying NO to some people, she has a great way of emphasizing her meaning. Same thing with the cornered racoon. We all have that same GOD given right. Don’t let them do it and apologize later. This is part of their tactic. LATER is too late.

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