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The WHO Amendments: Back from the Dead
James Roguski

A week ago people around the world were celebrating a great victory. The WHO amendments to the International Health Regulations had not passed. The globalist mechanism for totalitarian control had been defeated.

Except not.

Late, very late, on the last day of the 77th World Health Assembly, Saturday, June 1st, the amendments were ratified.

And it doesn’t matter that the vote was likely illegal, that they did not have two thirds of the members in attendance, any more than it matters that the WHO ignored their own rules in even voting on the amendments, as under Article 55 they were supposed to provide the full text of the amendments to the member countries on January 27th, four months ago. The full text was not provided until a few hours before the vote.

James Roguski is undoubtedly the world’s leading expert on the WHO Treaty and amendments.

In this interview, James clarifies many misconceptions.

Such as the erroneous idea that the amendments will give WHO Director General Tedros Ghebreyesus the authority not only to declare a pandemic, but to dictate health measures such as lockdowns and mandatory vaccines to member countries. Such a clause was never in the amendments.

Are the WHO amendments and the international treaty, which was not ratified, a globalist control mechanism after all? Or are they simply the business plan of very wealthy people who want to use fearmongering, gain of function research, and the WHO’s authority to declare a pandemic as tools to further enrich themselves.

And if it’s the latter, how concerned about the amendments should we be?

The answer, as you will learn in this interview, is that we should be very concerned. But we are not without the tools to fight back. However, any successful campaign requires a full understanding of the enemy’s battle plan.

This interview is nothing less than the battle plan of the globalists revealed.


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