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The War for the Minds of Our Children
John Hilton-O’Brien

Our educational system is broken.

Leftist controlled school boards and teacher’s associations have infected our schools with woke ideology. SOGI, or Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, Critical Race Theory and DEI, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are all part of a plan to rob our children of their ability to think, while robbing parents of the right to be informed and to make decisions for our children.

How did we get here? What is the long term goal of these leftist ideologues and how do we push back against them.

John Hilton O’Brien is the founder of ParentChoice.ca, an organization established over a decade ago to equip parents, not our government or educational system, to be the decision makers for our children.

John is also extremely well educated in history and politics and understands the steps and the strategies the leftists took to get to a point where in many provinces, parents don’t even have a right to be informed of their children’s decisions.

We are in a war. A war for the minds of our children. The enemy has been infiltrating our society for decades and are now firmly entrenched. But that does not mean they can’t be beaten.

The key to defeating any enemy is to first understand their strategy and tactics. In this interview John educates us all on how the leftists came to control our schools, what they want to achieve with that control, and the grim future for all of us if they succeed.

He also gives us the knowledge we need to take back our schools through one simple principle.

Know thy enemy.

LINK: https://parentchoice.ca

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