The Truth About the Obesity Epidemic | Dr. Christof Plothe

December 22, 2022

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The media has been talking for decades about the growing ‘obesity epidemic’, but obesity is not the disease. It’s a symptom. A symptom of the high-sugar, high-processed foods diet. In this interview, osteopath Christof Plothe, a member of the World Council for Health, shows his in-depth presentation on the harms caused by the high sugar diet, and more importantly, on the steps you need to take to get off of sugar addiction, start eating healthy, and reverse many of the ‘chronic diseases’ that big pharma wants you to take drugs for.

  • What is a safe level of sugar?
  • What is leptin, and why is it so important?
  • Why is a high intake of even natural fruit sugar, or fructose, bad for you?
  • What foods should you be eating?

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