The New Iron Will Weekly News Report

The amount of counter narrative information on the internet has become overwhelming. Will and his research team are now bringing you a weekly news report, combing the internet for news articles we know will be of interest to you so you don’t have to. There are two versions of this new report. The free version which appears on and contains articles which may have a direct impact on your health or your rights. Will believes this information should be free. The member’s only version, which is more extensive, will be posted at and is available, along with all of Will’s interviews there for as little as $9.95/month. Both versions will be released every Tuesday. In this week’s report (free Strong And Free Canada version): Updates on cancelling the ArriveCan app A woman loses her baby after a scuffle with police over the app James Topp sues Global News for libel Elderly patients awaiting long term care could be shipped over 100 kilometers away to other facilities More manufactured food shortages Trudeau and more news on the Baylis ventilators scandal In the IWR members’ version: All of the above, plus… Proof that masks not only don’t work, but are in fact harmful, especially to children The Covid vaccines can’t possibly stop the disease, and Fauci and the CDC knew this What is actually in the Covid shots (surprise, it’s not graphene oxide) Covid lockdown tracking bracelets Biden’s transhumanist agenda and attempts to coerce the FBI into manufacturing threats Ron DeSantis vs George Soros And the woke agenda goes completely off the rails LINKS: 16 min. Video PPE Expert Stephen Petty
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