The Iron Will Weekly News Report

In this week’s Iron Will Report… Banks Spy on Freedom Supporters Woman Trampled at Convoy to Sue Censorship Bill Will Pass Soon Press Evicted from Press Gallery for Actually Doing Job Legacy Media Crushed in Debate Who’s Funding Google YouTube Fact Checkers? Polio Latest Fearmongering Tactic And in the member’s report, above PLUS: Assisted Suicide is a Global Agenda New Mask Mandates – Up in Smoke? CBC and Ilk Labelled ‘State-Controlled Media’ on Twitter? Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria May be Major Threat to the Vaxxed Woke Judge Okays Attack on Blind Senior Climate Change Crazies Fight Fido Farts Ontario Government Pays for ‘All Ages’ Christmas Drag Show Mommy, Is Santa Dead?
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