I created IronWillReport.com to fund our efforts at StrongAndFreeCanada.org. My wife and I launched that site in the summer of 2020 in response to government overreach and violations of our constitutional rights. Initially we ran that site entirely on donations (and you can still donate there), however we found that whenever the government dropped mandates, our donations dropped dramatically - to the point where we could not cover our expenses.

We needed a steady source of funding. Iron Will Report was established in the spring of 2022 to give those seeking truth in media and honest government something of value in return for supporting our ongoing efforts.

When you become a subscriber at Iron Will Report, you get the truth that mainstream media won't report, and that our government doesn't want you to hear, and you support our efforts at StrongAndFreeCanada.org to recover and defend our rights and freedoms.

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With my sincere thanks,
Will Dove (Iron Will)

The Iron Will Weekly News Report

In this week’s report…

  • Climate Change Crazies Attack on Farmers
  • Why the Federal Govt. Loves Pot
  • Guilbeault Electric Car Hypocrisy
  • How to Spot a Terrorist – New Zealand
  • Microsoft’s Real World Minority Report
  • Brian Peckford – Equalization and Reform

And in the member’s version, the above PLUS:

  • Gates’ Cow Fetish
  • Giorgia Meloni’s Scare
  • Vaxxed Blood Kills Baby
  • Bad Movie Sequel – Tam the Grinch
  • Trudeau’s Attack on Life
  • Yet Another Censorship Bill
  • Court Rules Vaxxports OK
  • What is a Woman – Even the Dictionary Doesn’t Know
  • Cambridge Dictionary Redefines Man and Woman
  • People Tired of Politically Correct Christmas

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