The Iron Will Weekly News Report

In this week’s Iron Will Report…

  • Dirty Pool at POEC: Rouleau Ejects Convoy Lawyer Brendan Miller from Courtroom
  • Travel Ban Case Appeal: Our New Petition Live at
  • Canada’s Surveillance State: Federal Government Blackmailing Provinces to Hand Over Private Medical Records
  • Mainstream Media Demise: CRTC Report Predicts Local Broadcasters Will Go Under by 2025
  • Fire Them All: Alberta Premier Fires CMO and Entire Health Services Board
  • Putin Screwed Up: Analysis – Russian Strategy Playing into Globalist’s Plans

And in the member’s only version at, all of the above PLUS:

  • Putin’s Screw Up continued…
  • Europe Prepares for Disaster: Analysis – Blackouts, Fuel Shortages and a Run on the Banks
  • Masks Coming Back: Justification Will Be ‘Triple-Demic’, the New Fear Word
  • “Died Suddenly”: New Documentary and Governments Deleting Vaccine-Injured Records
  • Canadian Health Care Sucks: Fraser Institute Finds Our Health Care Most Expensive; Least Effective
  • Record Mental Illness in Kids: Study Shows Devastating Affects of Covid Mandates on Youth
  • TD Funding Transgenderism: $500,000 Grant for Gender Reassignment for Minors
  • Global Vaccine Passport: G20 Agree to Implement International Restrictions for Unvaxxed
  • Council Cancels Christmas: Edmonton Christmas Tree Denied Due to ‘Environmental Impact’
  • Sinking the Woke Ship: Woke Agenda Proves to be Death Knell for Entertainment Industry
  • Girl Guides Go Woke: ‘Brownies’ Now Politically Incorrect, Name to be Changed

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