The Iron Will Weekly News Report

In this week’s Iron Will Report…

  • POEC: government made up threats
  • POEC: Trudeau lied about tow trucks
  • POEC: Did the government consider bringing in the military?
  • #TrudeauMustGo: A list of lies
  • Yet more guns banned
  • Canada leads world in Medical Assistance in Dying

And in the member’s report…

  • B.C. vs Alberta: Tyranny vs Freedom
  • Quebec demonstrators win $3 million settlement
  • Independent schools growing rapidly across Canada
  • Parent’s group fires woke board members
  • PCR test coming back – for the flu
  • Trudeau embarrases Canada yet again
  • Satanist drag queens in our schools
  • Gender fluid teddy bears
  • The NHL goes woke
  • Ryerson seeks prof who identifies as black
  • Disney loses $100 mil on Strange World
  • James Woods flames Alyssa Milano

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