The Global Warming Religion: An Inside View | Tom Harris

Global warming has become a religion. Many people around the world today, especially young people, have become apostles and prophets of this religion, preaching to the masses that the end is nigh. Even educated people, scientists and teachers, have bought into this rhetoric, and because there are credentialed supporters of this state-sponsored religion, many people don’t question it, either because they believe that surely the scientists must know what they are talking about, or because they fear being labelled as heritics. How do educated people get fooled? And do the scientific adherents of the climate alarmism religion really comprise 97% of all scientists, or is that number, like all the supposed global warming data, made up? In a recent interview, Tom Harris shared with us the real data on climate alarmism, proving that not only is manmade global warming a myth, but that the actions which are being taken to address this imaginary threat could trigger a new ice age. Tom was himself an apostle of the global warming cult, until another professor showed him the real data. Tom joins me again today to give us all an inside view of the global warming culture, how it maintains control of the believers and silences dissent, and how even educated people are being fooled into believing that we are all in imminent danger of destroying our planet, when the real data shows that this threat is in fact non-existent.
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