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The Duty of the Church: Brandon Pringle

In recent decades, and especially in the past few years our country has shifted far to the political left, such that true conservatism is now having to fight it’s way back one small step at a time.
This happened because the political right gradually abandoned their values. Personal rights and responsibilities, moral choices, the protection of our children above all.

Politicians get elected by reflecting the values of the people. For our country to have abandoned the political right the people must first have abandoned their conservative values.
conservative values that are based upon Judeo-Christian beliefs.

A society dedicated to moral choices would likely not have elected Trudeau’s government and they certainly would not have stood idly by while his government robbed the people of their rights, and while they subject our children to poisonous ideologies in our schools and public institutions.

Whether you yourself are Christian or not doesn’t matter. I’m not. And yet I can clearly see that if our society was still guided by the morals of the Christian church, we would never have gone down this road.

Brandon Pringle ran for MLA in the recent Alberta election. He is also a Christian pastor.

In this interview Brandon discusses the moral obligation of the church to be our societies’ moral compass, this history of what has happened in the past when they failed in that duty, and how the church, and Canada, can return to the conservative values our country was built on.

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  1. Muriel Mayer on July 18, 2023 at 11:44 am

    I agree whole heartedly. Tragically, my church leaders as well as the membership, though we’ll meaning, are completely naive about what’s going on in Canada. When I try to talk about it try they avoid recontact or look up into the rafters. Truly tragic.

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